Relax, Reduce Stress and Rejuvenate with Reiki.
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What to expect from a Reiki treatment?

During a Reiki treatment, your practitioner will respectfully place their hands on and around your body in a series of traditional and intuitive positions. The most common effects of a Reiki treatment are relaxation, rejuvenation and stress reduction. Since stress takes such a toll on our bodies and minds, the relaxation that Reiki provides is a great asset to our health. There are no adverse side effects to Reiki. Expect to enjoy your Reiki experience and feel loved and cared for. While receiving a Reiki treatment, or during the following three days, you may experience some or none of the following:

  • practitioner's warm, cold or tingling hands, or similar sensations in yourself
  • thirst, frequent urination or mild diarrhea
  • peace, deep relaxation or sleep
  • sudden or strong emotions; tears, anger and joy are all common
  • phenomenal ideas, release and break-throughs
  • heightened awareness, synchronicity and psychic abilities
  • reduced pain, swelling and inflamation
  • physical, emotional and spiritual healing



Please, take care of yourself.

After a Reiki treatment, it is important to take good care of yourself. Eat healthy, exercise, spend time in nature, avoid media and do what feels good.


Drink plenty of water.

Keeping your body hydrated helps your energy move and will assist in releasing any further excess energy. Water with lemon or your favorite herbal tea is especially helpful after a Reiki treatment.


Breathe Deep

Stop for a moment and take a breath; a long, deep, cleansing and clearing breath. Imagine your worries and fears floating away on that breath and fill your lungs completely as fully as possible and release again, every last bit, down to your toes. Relax.



It is very common to feel tired at any time within three days of a Reiki treatment. If you feel tired, rest. Taking the time you need to rest will help rejuvenate your body and mind and give you more energy to get things done.


Take a bath.

Treat yourself to more relaxation! Bathing is an excellent tool for maintaining your energetic health. Add equal parts of sea salt and baking soda for an even more effective energetic cleansing.

Reiki is proven to support and improve your body's natural healing process.

No matter your issue, with energy healing, all things are possible.






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