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Reiki 1

Becoming a Healer

Do you desire healing in your life?

...for yourself?

...for others?

...for all?


Discover the history of Reiki.

Learn how to perform a treatment for yourself and others.

Review Reiki ethics and princliples.

Receive the sacred Reiki attunement.

Become a Healer.


This simply delightful 6 hour interactive class is intuitively tailored to each student.

You will leave with an understanding of and ability to use Reiki.

Please contact me if you are interested in this sacred class.





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Reiki 1: Becoming a Healer


"You get more and more of what you are thinking about
- whether you want it or not" -Abraham/Hicks
Your most important focus is feeling good,
because then, You attract what you want in life.


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